Psyllids & True Bugs


The taxonomy of psyllids in Taiwan is relatively well known compared to other insect groups. Earlier works were carried out by Japanese and European scientists, but the major work is the monograph ‘Psyllidae of Taiwan’ by Professor Chung Tu Yang (1984) of the National Chung Hsing University. Later supplements were published by his students. The papers by Yang’s group not only described adults but also nymphs and provided useful information on host plants and distribution. Two and a half decades have passed during which psyllid taxonomy has made substantial progress. There is now a general consensus to treat psyllids as the superfamily Psylloidea comprising 6–8 families, depending on author (White & Hodkinson, 1985; Burckhardt, 1987). The growing knowledge on tropical psyllids provides important information on the diversity, taxonomy and systematics of psyllids in general. Local faunal treatments, such as the one of Taiwan, require further revision. New species and new records of Taiwanese psyllids were recently discovered. For all these reasons, the taxonomic information needs to be revised. The National Science Council has been actively promoting the study of Biota Taiwanica these years. The current publication is a result of this research policy.

In this work, we update the higher classification of Taiwanese psyllids, offer an overview of research previously done on the psyllid taxonomy in Taiwan, provide a key for the known Taiwanese psyllid families and genera, list the type depositories of Taiwanese species and illustrate mounted and live psyllids with color pictures. In order to provide the complete taxonomic information for better usage, we reorganize the line drawings by Professor Chung Tu Yang with his and the publisher’s kind permission.

The treatments of adult Psylloidea of Taiwan will be published in three volumes. The first one includes four small families, i.e. Calophyidae, Carsidaridae, Homotomidae and Phacopteronidae, and provides a key to families and genera of Taiwanese psyllids. The second and third volumes will be dedicated to the Triozidae and Psyllidae, respectively. Treatments of Psylloidea nymphs of Taiwan will follow.

In this volume, we cover 4 families, 12 genera and 20 species, including 9 species in 4 genera of Calophyidae, 3 species in 3 genera of Carsidaridae, 6 species in 3 genera of Homotomidae, and 2 species in 2 genera of Phacopteronidae. Following nomenclatorial acts are proposed here: Tyora hernandiae (Fang & Yang, 1986), comb. n. from Tenaphalara; Pseudophacopteron album (Yang & Tsay, 1980), comb. n. from Chineura.